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Annual reports

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Target group of this service

This service is intended for

  • fully dormant companies, even if they have no transactions at all
  • smaller companies with no need for monthly accounting and tax reporting

In both cases the annual report must be submitted latest 6 month after the end of the fiscal year

How it works

Step 1

Upload your company accounting documents or declare no activities if the company is dormant

Step 2

We prepare the annual report

Step 3

You approve and sign the report

Step 4

We submit the report



Price accepting and advance payment are required before report will be prepared.


In case of at least on of the board members has Estonian residency or e-residency –
powers should be granted to our accountant. Guidance will be given.


What is needed

  • All account statements for full fiscal year
  • All sales invoices (documents)
  • All purchase invoices (documents)
  • Agreements covering accounting transactions
  • Other explaining documents


Step 1

You send us (or upload) all accounting source documents mentioned left

Step 2

We evaluate job/workload and prepare the price and timeline offer

Step 3

You accept the offer by paying the advance payment invoice

Step 4

We examine the documents, register transactions in accounting software and prepare the annual report.


Submitting the annual report

Estonian ID code owners

Organize, share and sign minutes of meetings digCompanies where at least one board member has Estonian ID code must grant access in the Commercial registry to our accountant. Guidance will be given by the accountant.itally.

None of the board members has Estonian ID code

Other companies annual reports must be signed physically, scanned and sent us electronically. After we receive correctly signed annual report (in Estonian) accountant will upload and submit the report.