Annual Reports

For dormant or low activity Estonian companies

  • Annual reports can be nerve-racking, even when your company only has a few transactions.
  • With 1DOX, you can eliminate all that worry conveniently.
  • Minimum email exchange and time waste.
  • Personal human support.


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1. Dormant company annual report for e-residents

We'll take care of the process and prepare the annual report for you!

Your time needed
5 – 20 minutes

160 €
+ VAT if applicable

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2. Dormant company annual report for non e-residents

Scan, upload and sign the prepared document. We'll take care of the rest.

Your time needed
10 – 30 minutes

200 €
+ VAT if applicable**

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3. Low activity company annual report

Well suited for companies who do accounting once per year.

Your time needed
depends on the transactions nature


depends on the amount of work needed

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* Timeframe estimation is approximate and might differ significantly depending on circumstances. In the case of an active/operating company, it might take longer to understand the nature of some transactions from the accounting point of view.


** In the case of an active/operating company, our price offer is based on the initial documents submitted to us. If during the process there arise circumstances that make the amount of work larger than the initial estimation, then 50 EUR/hour + VAT additional fee or a separate price offer shall be applicable for the additional work.

** 0% VAT is applied only if the payer is a private person residing outside the EU who is either owner or board member of the company.


For the companies where one or more board members have an Estonian ID code, it is assumed that at least one of them is able to log in to the e-Business Register to give our accountant the relevant rights and to digitally sign documents (incl. reports).

What makes it easy

Easy communication

We eliminate burdening e-mail correspondence - just initiate an order and follow instructions.

Clear overview of the process

In the portal, it is always clear who has to do the next step and what it is.

Personal assistance

If needed you can always communicate directly with your accountant.

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If your company has only a few transactions, an annual report might become a source of stress. Here it was easy and simple.

Madelyn Kurg Madeleyn OÜ