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DigiDoc Online - easy, no account needed

  • Add a document and sign
  • If needed, you can share the document URL and invite others to sign
  • Sign with Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or ID card
  • Delete permanently, if you do not wish to keep it


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Digital signing

Upload a document and add a signature

You do not need to sign up or log in to use the service. By sharing the document URL you can easily invite others to view or sign the document. You can view the document while signing.



The content of the digital container is easily changeable.*



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Document requirement

Create a place where to add a document

You can prepare an empty digital container with metadata and send it to your partner, colleague or anyone else of your choice for viewing and/or signing.




The content of the digital container is easily changeable.*



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Corporate Minutes

For shareholder or board meetings

With a few clicks you can create the draft of the minutes in Word format with e-Business register data. All related persons with details are included in the draft. All you have to do is add the content and send it for signing.


The content of the digital container is easily changeable.*



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* It is easy to add and delete documents in a container. You can also edit word document (docx) in the same view. Available until first signature.

** DigiDoc Online service is in development and currently available for free. Planned pricing is 0.15-0.30 EUR/signature + VAT.

What makes it worth to use

Upload document by email

Send the document by email to [email protected] and you will receive a link to the container as a reply.

Use the Registry data

You can conveniently create a list of expected signatures automatically by searching for a person or a company related to them.

Grant access to the document

By default, everyone having a document’s URL, usually has access to it.

Change the content

If necessary, you can add or delete documents in an unsigned container.

Edit the document

In an unsigned container, you can edit a Word (docx) document on the fly. Repairs no longer require starting the process again.

Send a document request

If you are waiting for someone to upload and digitally sign a document, you can create a place and send it to a partner.

Receive signing notifications

Add an e-mail address to your account for receiving automatic notifications about signing of documents.

Delete the document

Document will be deleted after all signers and the owner have deleted it. Documents with no relations can be deleted right away.

Overview of documents

All your documents to which you have access to are automatically organized and easy to find.

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We were looking for an environment for signing documents that would allow a fairly large group (16 members) with a diverse background to sign foundation documents fast. We decided that it should happen on Christmas Eve and so it went - thank you very much for the incredibly simple solution, which saved time and nerves.

Aivar Haller / founding memeber of Juhtimiskultuuri Instituut MTÜ