Estonian Company liquidation

Deleting your company is now as simple as creating it

  • We prepare all liquidation documents
  • We guide you during whole process
  • If necessary, we deal with accounting and liquidation reports


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1. Dormant company liquidation

We prepare all documents, from you we need just few signatures

3+ months*


400 €
for e-residents
800 €
for others
 +VAT if applicable

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2. Non-dormant company liquidation

We prepare all documents and guide you. You just need to sign.

8+ months*


800 €
for e-residents
1500 €
for others
+VAT if applicable

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3. Liquidation via merger for 1-man companies

Quickest way for liquidation of the non-dormant 1-man company

4+ month*



1175 €

+ VAT if applicable

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*Time estimation is approximate and depending on circumstances might be significantly different.


If the company has been active, accounting might need additional time and money to prepare all required reports.


The liquidation process will be handled by the liquidator of the service provider. The second liquidator must be appointed by one of the board members.


If the company has been active, all accounting must be done before we can start the liquidation process.


You can take care of required accounting and annual reports here: Annual reports portal


NB! If your company has received any fines from the Business Register, e.g. for not submitting an annual report, then it cannot be considered as an inactive (dormant) company any longer, as the relevant fine(s) must be included in the declarations submitted to the Tax Board. In this case, you should not choose the dormant company liquidation option.


What makes it easy

All documents prepared

Liquidation decisions and all other related documents are generated with correct real-time business registry data.

We notify you

When action is required from you you will get an e-mail notification. No worries that something is missed.

Low stress, saved time

Probably it is not possible to correctly liquidate the company with lower stress and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard liquidation process usually takes 8-9 months.

Liquidation via merger takes a minimum of 1,5 months, more often 2-3 months.

For active companies, accounting and legal preparations might prolong the process significantly.

Cost can range between 300 – 800 EUR for inactive companies.

For active companies, it is usually 500 – 3300 EUR, excluding the accounting costs.

If company shareholders and at least one of the board members do not have e-residency, it might increase the costs significantly – additionally 400 – 800 EUR.

In the case of standard liquidation, the shareholders receive company assets after taxation.

In case of liquidation via merger, the sole shareholder receives both the company assets (after taxation) and the potential liabilities if there are any.

  1. The signing of the liquidation decision.
  1. Filing liquidator(s) in the Business register.

  2. Submitting liquidation balance into the Business register.

  3. Announcing of the liquidation notice.

  4. Four-month waiting period for debt collections.

  5. Three months waiting period for confirmation of final balance and distribution of assets.

  6. Submitting deletion petition into the register.

    The company is deleted usually in a few days.

For closing your company, a local liquidator is needed. Non-residents can’t be the sole liquidator of the company.

The most reasonable way for closing your company is to use a local liquidation service provider who will guide you through the process. Guidance is like this welcome because the liquidation process has many specific details.

The liquidation process takes usually at least 7 months. For simple liquidation (via merger) it takes a minimum of 1.5 months.