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Liquidation via merger

Best option for one-man companies

Liquidation via merger is a fully remote service


  • Wherever you reside, we will guide you along the liquidation process
  • We’ll take over the process after you have sent us the required documents. You are free from this point on!


1475 EUR + VAT if applicable



Start the liquidation process


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What we require from you:


  1. Enter the liquidation ordering data
  2. Confirm the order and pay
  3. Sign and certify the documents we have prepared for you
  4. Send us the original documents


As an inactive company, please upload the accounting documents after entering the ordering information.


1DOX will take it over from here:


  • The service provider will complete the liquidation for you
  • You will be notified about the progress by email
  • Full liquidation takes a bit more than 8 months
Company Liquidation


Liquidation service fee 1475 €
Previous fiscal years dormant reports 100 €/report (if needed)
For inactive companies, there might be additional costs depending on the amount of additional job.
Prices include all reasonable costs related to liquidation including notary and state fees, translations, and liquidation reports
20% VAT will be added if applicable


What does the process look like?

The liquidation process will be handled by the liquidation consultant of the service provider. You will be guided where necessary.

Important to note!

This liquidation service is intended only for companies that have currently no activities, meaning they are dormant.

In case the company has had activities, all accounting must be done before the liquidation started.
Previous accounting and annual reports you can order here: Annual reports


Liquidation terms and conditions

Start the liquidation process

1DOX helps you keep your online image nice and neat!

An inactive company is a burden for your online image


Creating a new company is very easy, but there is no need to keep the company ready just in case.


Nowadays, it is far better to eliminate all online connections you do not need.


Get rid of the hassle of annual reporting


Even inactive companies need to create reports every year.


If you miss reporting deadlines, you’ll receive negative statements online. A due annual report might even result in a penalty. Avoid this by liquidating your inactive company altogether.