Digital Assistant for Registry Amendments

Save your time and let the computer do the job.

  • generated General Meeting Minutes for OÜ’s
  • texts in Estonian and in English
  • automatic handling of expected signatures
  • convenient digital signing
  • data transfer to registry + state fee payment
  • basic service only for 25€ + vat.


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Five easy steps.

Annual Reports - 1dox digital

I. Company and payment

  • Enter your company name
  • Identify yourself with PIN1 and add an email
  • decide either you need additional services
  • pay for selected services (Estonian bank links, PayPal)
  • if needed you can change the payer to another Estonian company


Further you will be the owner/admin of the document. Only you can grant and limit document access and add notes.


Order must be completed in 1 month. Later all order info and documents will be deleted. Created minutes will be sent to your email address.

II. Content and language

  • Mark what you want to amend in the Register:

– Adding and deleting board members
– Adding and deleting council members
– Adding and deleting procura holders
– Changing representation and procura rights
– Changing the company name
– Increasing the share capital
– Adding new shareholders
– Contributing and the share capital
– Changing company address
– Changing communication means
– Generating and approving new articles

  • You can create minutes only in Estonian or in Estonian/English

III. Details of the Minutes

The General Meeting Minutes will be generated automatically. You just need to enter minimum info.


  • When adding new persons, enter ID code or date of birth if needed
  • It is easy to add new shareholders
  • With other data fill or mark the fields

IV. Confirm the draft

  • Check the draft of the minutes and edit if needed
  • You can also edit the Articles of Association in the same way
  • When ready, move to the signing view


In case of you selected EST+ENG documents, make sure your manual amendments are reflected in both language versions.

V. Signing of the minutes

General Meeting Minutes will be signed in a specially designed signing view.


  • Sign by ID-Card, Mobile-ID, or Smart-ID
  • Invite other signers
  • You can limit access to the minutes
  • You can share the document URL

1dox digital documents - Corporate-Services-for-Estonian-Companies

Additional services

In case you need assistance with entering amendments into the registry and/or payment of statement fee, you can add these services to your order.


You will be assisted and supported accordingly.


Transferring data and documents into e-Business register (50€)


Transferring data and documents into e-Business register + state fee payment (100€)