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Company Liquidation

for non-dormant Estonian company

If you are an e-resident and
all accounting reports are completed,

you just need to digitally sign some liquidation documents prepared by us and we take care of all of the rest – you will be free usually in 1 week.


liquidation cost   (+VAT if applicable)


Go to the liquidation portal

What we expect from you...

See all liquidation options...

What we expect from you.


  1. Enter liquidation ordering data
  2. Upload accounting source documents (if there are any)
  3. Wait for price offer (usually made in 1-3 working days)
  4. Accept the offer
  5. Confirm the order with payment
  6. Review and confirm prepared accounting and report(s)
  7. Sign prepared liquidation decision digitally
  8. Sign prepared confirmations and authorizations
  9. Sign prepared petition in e-Business registry


You are now free and from here:


  • The service provider will complete the liquidation
  • You will be notified about the progress by e-mail
  • Full liquidation takes a bit over 8 months
Company Liquidation

Additional costs

Previous fiscal years dormant reports 100 €/report (if needed)
Additional costs may apply depending on the amount of additional accounting job.
 Prices include all reasonable costs related to liquidation, including state fees and liquidation reports

20% VAT will be added if applicable

Liquidation details

Liquidation process will be handled by the liquidator of the service provider. The second liquidator must be appointed from one of the board members, who will be appointed as the document holder after deletion of the company

The above mentioned time estimation is indicative and valid if everything works smoothly.



In case the company has had activities, all accounting must be done before the liquidation started.
Previous accounting and annual reports can be ordered here: Annual reports


Liquidation terms and conditions

Go to the liquidation portal

Liquidate your company if you do not need it - keep your web image clean

Dormant company is a burden


As a rule – creating a new company is very easy – there is no need to keep company ready just in case.


Nowadays it is better to eliminate all web connections you do not need.


Even a dormant company needs an annual report


If you do not submit the annual report in time you will have a negative statement on the web.


A due annual report might incur a penalty.

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