CorpAssist service conditions

  1. These terms and conditions are applied by the Service Provider to the provision of the CorpAssist tool (hereinafter Service) to legal entities. The purpose of the tool is to assist Estonian companies to prepare minutes of general meetings, which are required to amend corporate entries in the commercial register. The tool also includes a feature allowing the amended data to be transferred to the commercial register’s Trader Portal.
  2. The Service is essentially a support service, and therefore we cannot fully guarantee that it will produce the desired results.
  3. All shareholders of the company, who are natural persons, have to be entered in the commercial register with their Estonian personal ID codes and must be able to affix digital signatures.
  4. All shareholders that are legal entities must have the Estonian registry code; moreover, at least one member of the management board has to be entered in the register with their Estonian personal ID code and has to be able to affix digital signatures. The same requirement applies to signing, as appropriate, in case of joint signatory rights are assigned.
  5. If these preconditions are not satisfied, the Service cannot still be used, however, there could be certain restrictions to its use. For instance, in the case of authorised representatives, minutes might require manual amendment. Moreover, signatures of authorised persons are not listed in the pre-defined list. But this does not prevent the use of the other parts of the Service.
  6. The Service helps to handle the majority (probably > 95%) of the typical situations involving the amendment of registry data.
  7. The Service is only available to private limited companies.
  8. Adding and deleting supervisory board (council) members is possible only if the company has registered council members already. In that case, management board members and their rights must be appointed by the council meeting. Currently, the service of composing council meeting minutes is not available.
  9. Certain activities, e.g., reduction of the share capital or providing for special terms and conditions, are not automatic and require manual addition and/or change of the template texts. In such cases, we advise you to seek expert advice.
  10. The provided version of the Articles of Association contains the minimum of the required provisions, and for more complex situations you are advised to use your own version of the Articles of Association and/or seek expert advice.
  11. The provision of the Service is limited to 1 month. After this period expires, the data and the container will be deleted. The created digital container will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Client’s representative (if the Client’s representative has entered and confirmed said address).
  12. All modifiable data of the company can be modified only by the Client’s representative who is sent notices to their e-mail address.
  13. All modifiable data can be amended until the first signature is affixed to the minutes. After that, only new signatures can be affixed to the document.
  14. When paying for the service, the registration data of the company are retrieved from the information system of the commercial register, and further provision of the service is based on these data. If the commercial register data are subsequently amended, then such amendments will not be recorded in the source data. The registry data used in the test version are time-delayed from a couple of days to one month.
  15. The prepaid amounts are not refunded unless the Service is not provided due to the service provider’s failure to act. In such cases, you will get a refund for the Services not provided.


The special terms and conditions of the CorpAssist Service supplement the general terms and conditions of the Service, and if there are any discrepancies between the two, the special terms and conditions of the Corp Assist Service shall apply.


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