Digital signing service terms and conditions

  1. Under the General Terms and Conditions, the Service Provider provides legal entities in particular, without limitation, with a tool DigiDoc Online (hereinafter digital signing service) that helps to digitally sign and manage documents online.
  2. The digital signing service can be used by both legal entities as well as individuals.
  3. The data and the container will only be deleted if it is deleted by the owner of the document. The deleted digital container will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the owner of the document (if the owner of the document has entered and confirmed said address).
  4. The owner of the document can modify any data contained in the document until the first signature is affixed on it. After that, the document can only be signed.
  5. The fee for using the digital signature service is 0.36 EUR per one digital signature. 1DOX reserves the right to change the price of a digital signature without notifying users.
  6. In order to use the digital signing service, the funds (min. 3 EUR) need to be transferred to the account of the document owner, from where the service fee related to the signing will be deducted. Funds may be transferred to one’s own account as well as to another user’s account, for example, without limitation, if the owner of the document does not have sufficient funds to collect signatures.
  7. The prepaid amounts are not refunded, unless the digital signing service is not provided due to the service provider’s omissions. In such case the fees paid for the services not provided will be refunded.

The special terms and conditions of the Digidoc Online service are supplementary to the general terms and conditions of the service provider, and in case of any discrepancies the special terms and conditions of the Digidoc Online digital signing service shall apply.

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